Having been described as "a music production company of the future," Cave Productions is leading the way by creating forward thinking solutions to the challenges of the modern recording artist.

Led by seasoned record producer Rob Cass, and supported by a world-class crew of fellow artists, musicians, programmers and writers - This production house offers something truly unique; bespoke record production from conception to completion.

With cutting edge programming, an emphasis on hit songwriting and uncompromising attitude to the art, artists, production and recording process, you will find Cave Productions a formidable team.  


"Miro" by Miroslav Žbirka Certified Gold 

The latest album by legendary Slovak artist Miro Žbirka, Miro, produced by Rob Cass at Abbey Road Studios has been certified Gold in recognition of record sales.

"Its sophistication is perfectly combined with subtle, yet sophisticated, in-depth arrangements by producer Rob Cass" - iDNES.cz

Jack Bruce Releases "Silver Rails" 

Jack Bruce has released his 14th studio album Silver Rails, produced at Abbey Road Studios by Rob Cass. Click here to buy on iTunes.

"Silver Rails may be his best solo record ever, its certainly the best record he's made in a great many years... the production by Rob Cass at Abbey Road Studios is near perfect.​" - Rock Guitar Daily

"The sound as produced and mixed by Rob Cass is contemporary, but it isn’t sterile. Bruce and producer Rob Cass have enlisted a top-notch crew of musicians for Silver Rails – including Cindy Blackman Santana, Robin Trower, John Medeski, and Phil Manzanera – and have left plenty of room in the arrangements for them to breathe. Silver Rails is a mature, consistent collection of well-crafted songs that don’t wear out their welcome." - The Second Disc

"Recording at Abbey Road Studios in London, no doubt accounts for the splendid clarity and depth of the sound here... a tribute to Rob Cass’ production savvy that the esoteric atmosphere on Hidden Cities comes to a clearly-defined conclusion and that it’s followed by the comparatively straightforward Don’t Look Now." - Glide Magazine

"Jack has crafted a record that is sometimes nostalgic, often dark, and always percolating. Five decades on, his bass lines continue to keep things deep and dirty." - Bass Player

"I was very fortunate to have Rob Cass, the producer I worked with at Abbey Road. He’s a brilliant guy who did what I wanted." - Jack Bruce 

"Shine" by Bernie Marsden Released 

The latest album by legendary guitarist Bernie Marsden, Shine, is released today. Produced by Rob Cass at Abbey Road Studios Shine features a stunning new version of Trouble, featuring David Coverdale.

"Shine was produced by Rob Cass... every guitar note is crisp and clean, which is Marden's style, but a lesser producer could have turned it into a muddled mess. Cass knows how to properly deliver Marsden's tone. The drums are heavy without being overbearing, and the bass guitar has a nice funk tone. a less-is-more approach has Marsden's playing coming off clean and heartfelt, rather than cluttered and overwhelming." - VintageRock.com

"The light, airy commercial feel of "Shine" is largely attributable to producer Rob Cass, who pieced together its contents in Studio 3 of the legendary Abbey Road facility." - BlabberMouth.net

"Rob Cass is a happening guy and he’s got a nice approach... He knows what he wants and he has a nice way of getting it, even if you don’t think he’s right at first. He’s very clever." - Bernie Marsden

Badger Swagger ft. Brian May, Slash, Shara Nelson & David Attenborough 

Slash, Shara Nelson and David Attenborough have joined Brian May on a new song dedicated to badgers. Badger Swagger, out today, is part of the England-wide campaign against this summer's badger culls.

The group are calling themselves Artful Badger and Friends. Their debut single was created by music producer Rob Cass, who has previously worked with acts including Estelle, Robbie Williams and Baaba Maal. "To me all nature is beautiful," he said in a press release. "This track is my humble contribution to stopping the needless slaughter of badgers."

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